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 Ensuring fast, reliable office renovations and IT Infrastructure set up in meeting client’s business and operation launch dates and start-up timelines.



Setting up a branch office in Singapore? We have the expertise and experience working across different time zones with foreign clients looking for a reliable and trustworthy IT partner to manage their new office setup here in Singapore. Our team of expert project managers and technical consultants can recommend, implement and support a wide range of hardware, software and network systems with your best interests in mind.

From the proper submission of line drawings to the correct authorities for the fastest approval period so that your renovation works can start ahead of schedule, to the careful selection of appropriate air-conditioning, lighting, electrical, carpentry, false ceiling, carpeting and furniture systems, we ensure that our clients maximize their limited budget while maintaining the highest standard in quality within their allocated time schedule.

With the detailed sourcing of suitable business locations, workspace planning and interior design, physical office renovation and furnishing, to the relocation and housing arrangements of your expatriate employees, Omni-Comm acts as a one-stop shop in providing you with a hassle free business setup. From there on, we continue our trusted professional services by crafting the most efficient and cost-effective I.T infrastructure network to enable the smooth running of your daily business operations.

Our Services :
  • Office Renovation and Fit-Out
  • I.T Infrastructure Setup
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Office Renovation and Fit-Out


Workspace Planning and Interior Design Layout

Work with us and we will walk you through the proper process of considering the most appropriate needs of your new office setup.
Functionality :

Running a business means being the most efficient at every aspect of your business process. Here, we seek to understand the segmentation of the different departmental roles of your entire headcount, inner and interdepartmental workflow arrangement, design of cubicle farms or open space concept, permanent seating, hot-desking, modular or temporary seating design, open break-out areas for discussion or closed conference rooms, utility or storage spaces, density and walkway planning, we plan it out with the latest AutoCad, Adobe and 3D Max design software to ensure you achieve maximum efficiency right from the start.

Design :

Your employees might be spending anywhere between 8 – 14 hours a day preparing tenders, reconciling accounts, rushing orders, and more, and you need to ensure they achieve optimal well-being through good design and ergonomic task equipment to help them achieve long term efficiency. A motivated workforce produces results, which produces money for the company. A minimalist concept, a little foliage and greenery near the windows, using appropriately bright and cheerful color scheme coordination for a vibrant workspace, planting a small pantry area, coffee bar or just a refrigerator stocked with soft drinks or beer for after-office relaxation, can tremendously extend the feel-good factor for your soon-to-be overworked employees.

Permits Application

Here in Singapore, knowing what permits to apply with the correct governmental agencies will ensure you shorten the lead time to start the renovation process and operational readiness. Whether it is the heavy machinery Electrical turn-on requirements to EMA, water and general electrical supplies from PUB and SP Services, Fire Safety Plan submission to FSSD for FSCs by our QPs, endorsement of Certificate of Supervisions by RAIs, and many more, we are there to help you through it.


From the initial site surveys, general cleaning, demolition and removal of refuse and bulk wastes, site coordination and management of various subcontracting parties, we’ve got you covered.

Renovation and Wall Partitioning

We use the latest construction measurement lasers for pre-marking, setting out of metal stud dimensions using chalk-line technology, ensuring proper foundation laying and anomaly identification with proper spirit-level equipment, then we move in the U and C channel tracks to kick off the floor and wall track placements. Then, vertical studs and special reinforced load-bearing studs are set up to demarcate room partitions, utility rooms, storage areas, pantries and restrooms followed by the placement of door frames and reinforcements.

After this, we conduct electrical, network data and voice cabling runs through the metal I-beam’s preformed cutout holes and plaster rings and guide them to the accurate wallplate locations, while creating service or utility penetrations using keyhole, jigsaw or the correct coredrill bits. Then we cap the cabling installation process with updated keystone crimping and punchdown techniques compliant to the latest T568A and T568B international wiring standards.

Following that, we mount the drywall partitions with special x-db airborne sound insulation and x-hours fire resistance ratings features compliant with the Singapore Civil Defense fire codebook guidelines and requirements. After that, we lay Roxul branded insulation material in-between the drywall partitions for thermal insulation, sound reduction and fire protection purposes. Being inorganic and made of non-nutritious substances, they will not rot, attract vermin nor will they be attacked by microorganisms. They are also non-combustible with a melting point of 1000 degree Celsius and as well.


Whether it is using resilient channel Genieclips, laying of soundproofing materials made of gypsum, viscoelastic polymer muffling gels, or double layered drywalls, we ensure you achieve privacy within your own workspace with minimum sound leakage and external noise pressure.

False Ceiling

Depending on the type of business application you require, we deliver different types of false ceiling material suited for Cleanrooms, Hygiene, Operating Theatres, External Outdoors, Humid and General Office usage. From selecting the proper cross T-Frames, to the correct board sizing and grid layout configuration to fulfill your fire protection and sound insulation requirements, we’ve got you covered. Select from our embedded surface anti-bacterial ceiling plate solutions to reduce workplace infection and increase employee productivity as well.

Water Works and Sprinkler Adjustments

Local Singapore fire codes demand that enough protection is provided on-premise for the protection of lives and equipment. Our registered inspectors and certified architects work with government officers and SP Services agency to ensure that your new office infrastructure meet these requirements and the appropriate certificates of supervision are issued before your business is ready to commence operations.


Having the correct lighting solution ensures that your employees achieve maximum efficiency in delivery their daily operational value to the company. Whether its for façade display, security enhancements for carpark and back alleys, bright welcome for reception areas, visitor-leading concepts for corridors, private office cubicles or open meeting rooms, we work with you to generate the most appropriate plans for the correct brightness level, structural fittings layout for dispersed efficiency and design, green energy savings level and the lowest ongoing maintenance upkeep required.

Air-Conditioning and Management

In an office environment, air-conditioning accounts for more than 50% of the overall energy consumption. Pointers like setting the default temperature to the National Environment Agency’s recommendation of 25 degree Celsius, adjustment of fan speeds and swing modes all help to provide the comfort level your employees need in your office. Our air-conditioning solutions from Panasonic and Daikin provide you with the most technologically strong product lines for long-lasting operational efficiency leading to reduced ongoing maintenance costs required, and we utilize Class '1' Armaflex (Fire Performance, BS 476 Part 7 1997), a dust free, fiber free CFC & HCFC free (ozone depletion potential of zero), flexible, black, closed cell, elastomeric nitrile rubber insulation that provides a highly efficient method of controlling condensation and insulating against both heat loss and heat gain, ensuring that you get maximum value for your air-conditioning investment.

Electrical, Network Data and Telephony Cabling

Whether you are future-proofing your new office setup or expanding your premises with Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A or Cat 7 and above, we have just the right solution for you. From the type, brand and category of cables proposed from Panduit, AMP, 3M, Dawtyler and many more, we allow high speed transfers of data and voice applications, cancellation of electromagnetic interference from UTP and crosstalk cables, prevention of signal loss and reduction in high speed performance, and ensure you operate at your most optimal level. Current Cat6A capabilities support next generation business application software data-traversing of 10Gbps throughput rate at 500Mhz for distance of less than 100m from the end user workstation to the server connection. Cat7 supports 600Mhz throughput that supports big data and clustered high performance analytical business usage for future business applications.

Our products confirm to the highest standards set by the TIA/EIA, IEEE, ISO/IEC, BS, UL, NEC and NEMA amongst others.

Painting and Protection

Protect your renovation investment with the proper interior, exterior paint, primer and sealant solutions from Nippon or Dulux. Each brand offers a different paint portfolio for the protection and remediation against bacteria, mold, dust and other common and non-common agents that pollute your office environment and affect your employee’s health levels leading to reduced office productivity. Both paint brand solutions feature high-grade environmentally friendly paint products with near zero VOC content, keeps bacteria and paint odours at bay and reduces the number of coating processes to save costs. Also, coordinate and design your office color scheme with us to achieve the best work environment with the highest energy level present for all your employees.


Complete the safety of your corporate office, workshops and factories with our additional add-ons with Emergency Backup Lights, Exit Lights, Fire Extinguishers, First Aid Boxes, Danger Signs, CPR Charts and Rubber Mats including other workplace and hazard aware paraphernalia.

Business Insurance

Begin your business operations with peace of mind with protection for your stakeholders, yourselves, customers and suppliers with the different range of business insurance our partners carries. Choose from Product Liability, Public Liability and Work Injury Compensation to protect against being held liable for bodily injury or damage to property of others caused by your company’s defective products, providing indemnity to an Insured for his legal liabilities as well as legal liabilities of his representatives and employees arising in connection with the Insured’s business, carried out at and from the specific place of business, and the provision of compensation to your workers and their dependants for personal injury/death by accident arising out of and during the course of employment.


After the renovation of your office space, we help you save more money through the use of innovative and efficient office furniture that enables long-term usage, flexibility and space management. Be it specialty workstation panel systems, architectural frosted or clear glass partitioning, modular desking systems, executive furniture, ergonomic tables and chairs, filing cabinets, racks, shelves, frosted writing boards and others, we have all the right solutions for getting you started on your business startup.



I.T Infrastructure Setup


Laptops, Desktops, Printers

We carry the latest brands of desktops and notebooks for all your business needs from HP, Lenovo and Dell. Whether it is the latest Intel processor for multiple application processing or AMD for intense graphical software, the number of RAM needed for your intense business computing needs, dual power adapters for home and travel usage, docking stations for multiple connections to external displays, storage devices or personal printers, a lightweight design built for mobile and frequent travel usage, or for large screen size considerations, we can propose the best solution with the most appropriate technical specifications suited for your every day needs. Included as part of the standard installation package are installation for Microsoft office productivity applications, joining of local domain or Active Directory, email setup, print testing, wireless connectivity and internet access, automated antivirus update setup and data backup to centralized storage server. Migration of existing emails and data can also be moved from old desktop and notebook hardware to the new equipment purchased.

Our different range of small office print solutions from HP, Canon, Epson and Brother comes with multiple office functions for network printing, scanning, copying, faxing and other functions like automatic double-sided duplex printing, wireless connections and many other capabilities.


With the advent of cloud solutions from different vendors, companies can now provision email services for new employees and relocated users faster than ever before. Depending on your business requirements, we can implement email and integrated messaging services from the latest full suite of on-premise Microsoft Exchange Email server, to the hosted pay-as-you-go utility model and cloud offering from the Microsoft 365 suite, to the integration with Microsoft’s Lync Server and the latest Alcatel-Lucent’s OpenTouch Unified Communications platform.


Since 1988, we have been a leading distributor of Alcatel and Panasonic Voice and Telecommunications equipment and solutions in Asia. As a leading service provider of Alcatel-Lucent PABX and IP Telephony systems in Singapore, Alcatel-Lucent has appointed Omni-Comm as a Premium Business Partner in this region and Value Added Distributor in Vietnam. In Singapore Omni-Comm has a reputation as a trusted maintenance service provider to the largest number of Alcatel-Lucent IP PABX and Panasonic systems amongst our corporate and governmental clients. Our offerings include Analog, Digital, IP telephony PBXs, Voice Loggers for automated call recordings for compliance and customer service improvements, Call Accounting, and Call Center Software solutions for SMEs, Mid Market and Large Enterprise customers. Our round-the-clock Helpdesk Service Center provides leading edge remote and on-site telephony MAC (Move, Add, Change) support and diagnostics, with 24x7 and 8x5 service level responses towards fulfilling your service needs.


Our Microsoft and Linux certified professional engineers are trained to rack mount and install the latest Microsoft and Linux Operating Systems for server install bases, while helping existing customers perform server consolidation on popular VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix-XenServer hypervisors for maximum server room footprint efficiency. We also help manage the start up of our client’s Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, Shared File Storage, Print Serving and other necessary server network services as well.


Omni-Comm Backup Hosting-as-a-Service (BHaaS) is designed to provide each business user with his or her own private and secured data vault. By ensuring the security and confidentiality of the backed up content, business users are encouraged to perform more regular backup of their important files. Using a simple client, business users can schedule the backup of emails, files or directories automatically from their desktop or mobile computer to the BHaaS service.

Alternatively, we also offer different solutions for on-premise data backup solutions using a variety of SAN, NAS, Tape Libraries or External Hard Drives for the backup of your servers, desktops and notebooks using industry standard backup software from Symantec, Acronis, CA and other major vendors.


Utilizing cloud-based collaboration and conferencing offerings from Alcatel, Google, Adobe, Cisco, Citrix, Microsoft, Skype, LogMeIn and Vyew, we have the appropriate audio, video and web conferencing solution for all your budgetary and technical requirements.

Security, Access and Monitoring

Our door access solutions offers Pin, Card or Biometric systems. Combined with our CCTV solutions and Time Attendance software, you will be able to ensure a high level of security in protecting your employees and premises from unforeseen mishaps and unwanted visitors.

Outsourced I.T Maintenance

Being a trusted Outsourced IT maintenance provider, we enable clients to focus on their core business activities by helping to relieve them of the day-to-day non-core IT operational activities. The breakdown of your company's IT systems can cause serious disruption and possibly result in heavy economic losses. Here at Omni-Comm, we have a team of field server and desktop engineers whom are certified in commonly deployed hardware and software applications like Microsoft, Cisco, HP, IBM, Alcatel, VMware, Citrix and many other brands in providing a resilient IT infrastructure for ensuring complete uptime for our client’s operations.

With our different service offerings spanning 24x7 and 8x5 business coverage inclusive of weekends and Public Holidays, we ensure non-stop uptime for critical network equipments such as servers, tape drives, storages, UPS, and many other hardware equipment including the provision of a Onsite Hardware Loaner service which provides immediate issue resolution while the original hardware is being sent for repairs. Our services also covers end-user equipment like desktops, notebooks and printers, etc.

Apart from this, we can also supply outsourced IT personnel on a contractual basis, to be attached to your office to perform daily IT administrative duties and it can be customize based on the number of months, days or hours as per required by your company.



Get In Touch With Us To See How We Can Help Your Business Achieve Fast and Reliable Office Renovations and IT Infrastructure Set-Up In Meeting Your Business Launch Dates and Start-Up Timelines.

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